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It’s what’s in season.

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Something Different

Apéro Seasons brings the uncomplicated, relaxed, and casual French tradition directly to your door. Our products are strictly sourced from Tennessee and Kentucky area local farmers and small business owners.

If you’re looking for something that sets you or your event apart, look no further. We specialize in:

  • Unique, locally sourced gift bundles
  • Wearable florals Wristlets, rings, crowns, bow ties, ties, you name it
  • Event decor let the flowers set the mood
  • Apéro Hours Happy hours with floral design activities for your guests

It’s not just a bouquet of flowers, it’s an experience.

Kelly Burgess

Floral Artist & Designer

             Magical. Fun. And a little off center.

If you’re looking for fun in your florals, then I’m your gal. I love taking what’s in season and finding unique ways to highlight the beauty of what’s growing locally.

I started Apéro Seasons with a desire to bring my love for flowers, craftsmanship, culinary and creative marketing to the masses – plus all things local! This is a One-Woman Shop which has room to grow!

I’m a Shriner Kid, Swimmer, Student, Artist, Mother, Cheerleader, Homemaker, and Entrepreneur – currently residing in Brentwood, Tennessee with my husband where I raised two children. I have a strong affection for all animals, especially Pooches and of course my own, Lenny, named after Lenny Kravitz!


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